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About Legal Med Resources

Legal and Medical Referral Service

We offer no cost services to anyone who has been in a motor vehicle accident. We take all of the frustration out of filing your claims, repairing your vehicle, getting a rental vehicle, and getting you the lost wages. We can also assist you in finding qualified physicians and names of respectable attorneys in your area.

Call our office today to set your appointment with one of our professionals. For your convenience, we offer appointment times at our office or a location of your choice.

Services We Offer

We will handle all the difficult tasks of getting your life back to normal.

Claim Filing

We will speak to the adjusters on your behalf and let them know the facts of the accident as we know it to speed the process along quickly.

Vehicle Repairs

We can quickly get your vehicle into a repair shop and away from a storage yard so you will not have to deal with the daily cost of storing your vehicle.

Medical Assistance

We have numerous qualified physicians that will know what to do to assist you medically when you have been in an accident.

Legal Services

We work with several respectable and accredited law firms that specialize in personal injury claims.